Welcome to Consistent Running

Hi, my name is Glen and I have been a practicing Podiatrist for nearly twenty years. I am passionate about running and have completed over a 25 Ultra Marathons up to 100 miles, as well as many other endurance events.

I am also a Level 2 Advanced Recreational Running Coach and am always working on finding the best methods and training practices that will help you reach your running goals, whether they are completing a 5km to a Marathon (or longer).

The key to reaching your goals is consistent running. The best way to achieve that consistency is with a manageable training plan that allows you to safely build up both your volume and speed at a rate that is best suited to your current level.


Qualified Podiatrist with 20 years experience
Recreational Running Coach
Level 2 Advanced Recreational Running Coach (accredited with Athletics Australia)

Recreational Running Coach
Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach (accredited with Athletics Australia)

Community Coach
Level 1 Community Coach (accredited with Athletics Australia)