Feral Pig Ultra 100 mile race report…

Feral view

Last year I wrote a blogpost about the Feral Pig Ultra 50 miler… http://consistentrunning.com.au/came-saw-concorde/.  The basic point of that article was that continuing in a race because of what you have invested in it possibly isn’t the best choice. I was lucky last year that I recovered and was back running ok within a couple of […]

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Three Apps To Improve Your Running You May Not Have Considered


There are many apps available that you can use to help with your run training. With most smartphones equipped with a GPS sensor, you are able to easily record pace and distance while recording your route. Some of the common apps used by runners are Strava, Map My Run, Runkeeper, and Endomondo. While these apps are […]

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The training plans of most recreational runners fall into the hit and miss approach of “I get out and run a few times a week (mostly at the same pace).” These runners make some progress over time, however they tend to find that they have higher injury rates and race performances can vary greatly. It is […]

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Shoe Review – Hoka One One Speed Instincts


The maxim “don’t use anything new on race day” is one you’ve probably heard mentioned quite a few times, and in general I agree with it.  Always test running gear, nutrition, shoes and so on before your race. The last thing you want is find out about some irritating stitching from clothing, rubbing from shoes […]

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I came, I saw, I Concorde


This last weekend I was lucky enough to run one of the most organised and well put together trail races I’ve ever been involved with. The Feral Pig Ultra, part of the Ultra Series WA was run on Saturday the 2nd of July on the trails around Pickering Brook. Three options were available to runners; One lap […]

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How Can I Reduce My Risk Of Running Injuries?

Caution Message Means Danger Beware Or Warning

When you think about different ways to reduce the chances of running injuries, a lot of options come to mind. These include stretching, strength training, reducing training errors, proper nutrition, shoe rotation, variety in terrain and extra sleep.  Let’s look at some of these in more detail. Stretching Stretching is probably the most common stated […]

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Improving Your Running – What More Can You Do?


At certain times during your training you may ask yourself what more you can do to improve your running performance. This usually happens after a big race, and more often than not after a performance that may not have lived up to expectations. There are many things that are not under your control when training for an event […]

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Shoe Review – Hoka One One Challenger ATR


Most shoe reviews are done out of the box, or after just a few runs. While this can still give you a great indication of how the shoe performs, it doesn’t take into consideration any issues that may reveal themselves over time. Generally, the earlier a shoe is reviewed plays more to it’s strengths rather […]

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Feeding the Good Wolf


There is an old Cherokee legend known as ‘the tale of the two wolves’ that is a good reminder to always monitor what you tell yourself, as it will have consequences on running performance and life in general. It has been well established that our internal dialogue can have a large effect on our feelings […]

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Who Likes Running In The Rain?

Running In Rain

This time of year there will be plenty of opportunities to stay indoors if conditions don’t look ideal, rather than heading out for a run. Personally I love running in the rain but it certainly helps if you are prepared. Top Tips For Running In The Rain My top tips for running in the rain […]

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