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By consistentrunning / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Nov 13, 2017

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  • Shirley Treasure

    Great write up Glen. Totally special, we’re a special bunch 🙂

  • Wayne

    Great report Glen. Fantastic to hear that you are in good spirits about the DNF and looking forward to next year

    • Consistentrunning

      Thanks Wayne, spirits have fluctuated occasionally since the race but always settle on the positive side. At times I think I should have found way to keep going. I’m going to see an optometrist next week to see if the focus problem was just fatigue related (I wear reading glasses), possibly some glasses for running may prevent the same problem happening again.
      You did a great job out there, it was great to share some of the adventure. Congratulations on finishing a tough event .

  • Sue Robertson

    Congratulations Glen on such a tough day. I think trail runners are an amazing bunch of people. Such a special spirit in these people, happy to call them friends. Thanks for sharing your race report 🙂

    • Consistentrunning

      Thanks Sue, and congratulations to you for your longest run. It was a tough but great day, looking forward to next year .

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