Biomechanical Screening & Running Technique Analysis

A biomechanical screening and running technique session will help identify any areas that may require more attention to prevent and manage running injuries.

Injuries among runners are very common and often just accepted as a normal consequence of running. While it is not possible to completely remove the chance of getting a running injury, we can identify possible areas that may be receiving excessive loads that can lead to injuries. These excessive loads can be reduced by addressing a number of factors such as footwear, lower limb mechanics, running technique, and training practices such as volume, intensity, and frequency.

This consultation will take place outside, at a convenient location for running assessment.

Please note: If you are unable to run at all it would be best to address the underlying problem first. Once you are able to run at an easy effort, even for only a short distance you will get the best results from this session. The goal of this consultation is to help identify and address biomechanical and running technique issues that may result in ongoing injuries, some of the screening tests may not be able to be completed properly if you are suffering from an acute injury.

Some clients with private health insurance may be eligible to claim a rebate on part of the service that are Podiatry related.

Running Injury Management/Biomechanical Screening

Running Injury Management/Biomechanical Screening

  • Biomechanical Screening
  • Mobility and Stability assessment
  • One-on-one running session to observe running technique
  • Identify areas of weakness & possibly asymmetry
  • Adjust training plan to manage training load