Consistent Running Club Perth

The philosophy of Consistent Running is gradual development of running fitness with an emphasis building a solid foundation to reduce the incidence of running related injuries that may hinder your progress.  Whether you are just starting out or an experienced runner, regular coached group running sessions will help you improve and reach your goals.

Whether you are training for an event, or just want to improve your fitness, a regular weekly running group is the ideal way to achieve your best results.

Running group sessions are listed below - each session is designed to accommodate all runners. Time based training allows you to improve at your own pace without feeling like you are holding up other runners or not getting the most from the session.

From time to time session times or meeting points may change. Please refer to the Facebook page for any revisions.

Occasionally the Sunday long run will be replaced with a time trail or race predictor session. All runners are welcome to come along to Sunday sessions free of charge.

Multi session passes now available $90 for 10 sessions.
Call 0457 224 247 or email for details.


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Weekly Running Group

Weekly Running Group

  • Multi-session pass $90 for 10 sessions
  • Casual fee $15 (paid on day) *No casual fee for Sundays
  • Unlimited Sessions for Personal Run Coaching runners $40
  • Please call, message or email before attending 1st session to confirm details as time or location may occasionally change.

$ 90/5 Weeks

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Thursday Evening

6:00 - 7:00pm

Session with a mixture of technique, drills, strength, speed and hills. Focus will change depending on upcoming events. Meet at southern end of the carpark south of Sorrento Surf Club.

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Sunday Morning

* free for all runners

Sunday is long run day. Various distances for all levels. Meeting points and start times may vary & may include sections of upcoming races. Please check Facebook page, email or call for times & location.

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