Great for beginners, runners returning after a break or those getting ready to start working towards a new running goal.

If you are a new runner, returning from injury or have just completed a goal and ready to start your next season or training block then this session is a great place to start.

One of the best things you can do for your running is to make sure your body is conditioned properly so that it is able to cope with the demands placed upon it when training. This session will assess some basic body weight exercises that will create a baseline for future reference and identify areas that may need improvement. You will then be given a conditioning program that can easily be added to your training program.

Following the conditioning tests I will assess your running technique with the aid of video analysis. I will film you running, identify any areas that may require modification and then give you some cues, exercises or drills that will aid in improving your run technique. Further video analysis will follow to help you identify what changes have taken place and work out what cues work best for you. Some of these exercises and drills will need to be used on an ongoing basis to form new running habits and improve your technique over time.

Injuries among runners are very common and often just accepted as a normal consequence of running. While it is not possible to completely remove the chance of getting a running injury, we can identify possible causes of excessive loads that can lead to injuries. These excessive loads can be reduced by addressing a number of factors such as footwear, lower limb mechanics, running technique, and training practices such as volume, intensity, and frequency. I will discuss how to best manage these loads and give you an idea of how best to plan or adjust your future training.

If after this session you decide to go ahead with a Consistent Running training plan or one on one coaching within 3 months of a Running Tune Up then a discount of $50 will apply

This consultation will take place outside, at a convenient location for running assessment.

  • Please wear appropriate running clothes (a hat and contrasting top and pants is helpful for video analysis).
  • Bring shoes you usually run in. If you rotate between a few pairs, bring them all.
  • Bring along or email beforehand your recent training over the last month if possible.
  • Bring water and a towel.

Please note: If you are unable to run at all it would be best to address the underlying problem first. Once you are able to run at an easy effort, even for only a short distance you will get the best results from this session. The goal of this consultation is to help identify and address biomechanical and running technique issues that may result in ongoing injuries; some of the screening tests may not be able to be completed properly if you are suffering from an acute injury.


Running Tune Up

Running Tune Up

  • Running related strength/conditioning screening
  • Running technique video analysis
  • Prescribe exercises, drills and running cues to improve your running
  • Adjust training plan and practices to manage training load