Blocks of 4 weeks

Personalised training blocks are perfect for someone who has a goal race or run they would like to accomplish, however do not feel the need for as frequently monitored analysis and fine tuning as the one on one coaching provides. With the plan being delivered in 4 week blocks rather than traditional 12-16 week training plans, it allows for more individualisation as every runner responds differently to different training stimuli.  If you have recently completed a goal using the one on one coaching and now feel you would like to "step back" a bit from training but continue to maintain your running progression, or you are not ready to commence training towards a specific goal then a program modified and delivered in 4 week blocks will give you a head start for when you decide to start specific training for your chosen event.

Some email correspondence to get the information required to tailor your plan, then if possible, a one-on-one run or chat over coffee will be used to help determine what style of training program would suit you best.

The programs will be delivered using the online training log, which can be synced with Strava, Garmin Connect and other online platforms.

While the 4 week training blocks do not have the same level of analysis and ongoing customisation that you get with the One on One Personal run coaching, I will go through your training towards the end of each block and see how you are going, then modify the next 4 weeks to best suit your progression.

4 week training blocks

4 week training blocks

  • A personalised training program designed for your fitness level and specific goals
  • Initial one-on-one running session to determine Training paces or HR zones based on your current running fitness.
  • Training programs will be delivered online usingfinal-surge-logo
  • Option for daily workout reminders via email
  • All training blocks reviewed and modified to allow for varied individual progress


$ 80/4 Weeks